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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Edmonton and Sherwood Park

Radial Shockwave and Microcurrent Therapy for ED Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments at affordable rates.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: * "Shockwave Therapy for ED has made nothing but positive changes in my life. Much more responsive, firmer erections and noticeable changes in girth. It has given me back self confidence in my late 40's that I thought was lost."

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments cannot be billed through private insurance. Full pay only.

ED treatments take on 2 forms, each with different treatment options. These Treatments are all about your PRIVACY! 

1. ($120) 1 hour treatment includes microcurrent protocol to aid in optimum conductivity and health in the body. (Areas to be treated include back, top of sacrum, collar region, abdomen.) A PEMF pad will be placed under the draping to access the groin area with microcurrent. See more about Microcurrent Therapy on the specific tab. For the last 20 minutes of the session, you will sign an equipment rental agreement and be given instructions on personal use of the Radial Shockwave Machine. Your therapist will not be present in the room for the final 20 minutes of treatment.

2. ($70) 20 minute treatment with Radial Shockwave Therapy only. You will sign an equipment rental agreement for personal use of the Radial Shockwave Machine. The therapist will not be present in the room for the treatment session. This session can only be booked once you have come for one session of 1 hour ($120) for the tutorial on how to use the machine and conduct the treatment on yourself.

**If you have any nerve damage that is causing issues, the 30 minute option will not give you optimum results. In a 1 hour session, Stimpod (nerve treatment) can also be implemented to the spinal cord sections. This would apply for diagnoses of vascular insufficiencies or more complex cases.

Scientific Studies on RSWT Tx for ED:

* results will vary individually and on number of treatments.


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